Stretches for relief from Covid back pain

Posted on June 30, 2022 in News

With many of our Geelong patients recovering from Covid19, we are seeing a trend in common complaints. Both middle back pain and lower back pain are common side effects post-Covid.

During the isolation period, it is obviously impossible to seek in-person treatment. We want to ensure that during this time our patients have the ability to help relieve some of their mid and lower back pain before they can return to their regular Chiropractic care.

Why do I get Mid and Lower back pain, during and post Covid19?

Middle back pain can be caused due to coughing, sneezing or hard blowing of the nose, which are all common with Covid19 it can also be due to inactivity and poor posturing during recovery.

Lower back pain can be caused by a viral response whereby viral infections irritate the meninges (An insulation that surrounds spinal nerves), it can also be due to increased time in a lying or reclining position and lack of movement while ill.

Watch our two gentle exercises you can do at home to help relieve your Mid back pain and Lower back pain while you’re in isolation.


And when you have finished your isolation period be sure to book yourself in for an appointment. Our Geelong Chiropractors can help to mobilise and restore proper function and mobility to your spine. This will help reduce your pain and you get moving again.