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Pregnancy, paediatric and sports chiropractors in Geelong

Our Geelong chiropractors treat a vast range of health conditions, spanning across young and old patients alike. From low-force adjustments for childhood injuries to chiropractic manipulative therapy and exercise rehabilitation, the team at Shannon Avenue Chiropractic ensures you’re in safe hands!

Sports chiro services

Amateur and professional sportspeople often put their bodies under increasing levels of stress. Sports injuries can result in misalignment or dysfunction of the body’s mechanics, leading to ongoing injuries and pain if left untreated.

Our sports chiropractors assess the cause of the pain and provide adjustments and rehabilitation therapies to restore biomechanical function of joints, muscles and the nervous system.

Pregnancy and paediatric chiropractic

Pregnant mothers often experience pain and inflammation of joints throughout pregnancy, particularly resulting in lower back pain. At Shannon Avenue Chiropractic, we offer non-invasive therapeutic techniques to reduce pain and ensure a healthy nervous system.

We also provide paediatric chiropractic services, involving small, gentle adjustments to maintain spinal and joint function.

Workplace injuries

Geelong chiropractor Dr Matthew Gooch specialises in workplace injury management consulting and rehabilitation, helping patients return to work through a combination of chiro treatments and exercises.