Leading Geelong chiropractors

Headed by experienced chiro Dr Matthew Gooch, our team of chiropractors specialise across a diverse range of chiropractic services. No matter your age, our team knows how to get your body back to optimum health and function.

Our chiro patients range from the very young to the very old. From aged care and chronic disease treatments to sports injuries and workplace rehabilitation, we identify the cause of your pain to provide both short-term pain relief and therapies to correct muscle, nerve and joint dysfunction.

We aim to make chiro treatments as simple and pain-free as possible for our patients. Take a look at our new chiropractic patient information to find out what to expect on your first visit, or call our clinic to speak to our friendly reception staff.

You can also browse our range of chiropractic aids available from the clinic, including therapeutic pillows and motorised massagers.