DISC BULGE and Chiropractic care in Geelong

Posted on July 11, 2022 in News

What is a disc bulge?

A disc bulge is when the soft inner portion of the disc (nucleus pulposus) bulges or balloons outside of the hard outer layer of the disc (annulus fibrosis) See the image below for reference. This “disc bulge” if severe enough can cause compression of the spinal nerve causing pain and dysfunction.

How does a disc bulge occur?

Disc bulges are incredibly common and can be from simple degeneration (aging), trauma to the area i.e a fall or an accident and they can also occur during simple everyday tasks or during exercises: for example, Weighted squats, bend/lift/twisting.

Image of a disc bulge


Disc Bulges are one of the most common conditions patients come to see us for at Shannon Avenue Chiropractic. Our Chiropractors are able to treat disc bulges in a variety of different ways including

  • Chiropractic Adjustments – to the area of the disc bulge.
  • Manual therapy – soft tissue work/massage of the surrounding muscles to help relieve pain
  • At-home care – to ensure that you are looked after and supported in your recovery at home.
  • Modified exercises – Appropriate exercises to help strengthen the muscles surrounding the spine, without putting undue pressure on the lower back discs.
  • Heat -Heat can be a natural pain relief and help to loosen the muscles surrounding the disc bulge to allow the tissues to be more pliable and easier to move.


People who have an acute disc bulge in their lower back will experience.

  • Antalgic gait where the patient will lean away from the side of the disc bulge
  • Difficulty when changing in position, especially painful going from sitting to standing i.e difficulty getting out of bed
  • Sharp lower back pain
  • Numbness/tingling in the legs
  • Change in sensation down the leg
  • Pain that radiates down the leg and into the feet toes

At-home care is just as important when it comes to the recovery and management of disc pain. Watch our video as Dr Matthew Gooch explains the best advice to support your recovery from a disc bulge.