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Posted on February 1, 2018 in News

Chronic pain is becoming an increasing normality in Australia. Fibromyalgia (FM) is now one of the leading chronic pain conditions. It is a condition that we see readily within our Geelong based clinic and have seen good results in minimising the severity of symptoms.

Chiropractic treatment for Fibromyalgia Geelong

FM syndrome is often difficult to diagnose as symptoms are usually non specific and not trauma related, patients experience non-articular soft tissue pain. Despite being one of the most common non-articular soft tissue conditions FM is poorly understood. Many recent studies have highlighted that Fibromyalgia suffers often have dysfunction within their central nervous system leading to abnormal processing of pain, central sensitisation and inadequate pain inhibition.
Increasing evidence points towards our peripheral tissues (skin, mucosal tissues & lungs) as relevant contributors to this central sensitisation. Central sensitisation is when the continual presence of pain actually causes the central nervous system to modify the way it experiences pain. The patient will therefore become more sensitive to all pain stimulus. Often even mild pain or normal pressure or touching can be excruciating.

This heightened pain sensitivity is the hallmark of Fibromyalgia, once central sensitisation is established only minimal pain input is needed for the patient to remain in a state of chronic pain.
Poor sleep can also be a significant contributor to clinical FM pain.

The pain associated with FM differs from person to person, people describe various modalities of pain including aching, burning, stabbing or throbbing. The pain experience can either be localised, or may affect the entire body. FM can be triggered or aggravated by several factors, including physical exercise, differing weather conditions, illness, allergies and stress.

Individuals with FM may also experience other symptoms including:
• Stiffness (particularly in the morning)
• difficulty sleeping or sleep disorders
• Chronic headaches
• Myofascial pain syndrome
• Restless leg syndrome
• Irregular menstrual cycle
• Constant fatigue
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Muscle spasms and/or muscle weakness

At Shannon Avenue Chiropractic we understand the importance of tailoring treatment to the individual as each patients experience and pain is different.

Chiropractic care is now being readily used amongst FM sufferers as treatment can relieve both pain and stress associated with FM. Patients often see quick results with chiropractic care and can experience relief from pain within a few treatment sessions. The pain may also be managed with regular treatment so patients can get back to enjoying life.
During treatment of FM Dr Matthew Gooch aims to correct abnormal spinal motion and improve joint movement. This treatment can help FM patients to reduce excruciating pain or in some cases, eliminate it altogether. Once the pain is managed correctly, other symptoms of FM – such as fatigue, sleep deprivation, and depression – may also reduce.

The benefits of Chiropractic manipulation & mobilisation can include:
• Greater range of motion in the joints
• An increase in blood flow
• An increase in the production of endorphins
• Better pain tolerance

Chiropractors may also suggest changes to improve the patient’s health. These may be:
• Diet
• Exercise
• Lifestyle
• Sleep Regime

Its important to understand when coming to see a chiropractor for FM you are already taking the first step in managing your chronic illness.  Its easy to become deflated  if immediate results arn’t experienced. Dr Matthew will endeavour to create a personalised treatment plan that will also help you to become proactive in managing your own health and wellness. Together we will work towards reducing and eliminating your chronic pain.

Dr Matthew Gooch

Shannon Avenue Chiropractic

Chiropractic Management of Fibromyalgia

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