Neck Pain from TEXT NECK how our Geelong Chiropractor can help

Posted on May 24, 2022 in News

It’s Spinal Health Week and we thought we would take a deep dive into TEXT NECK and Neck Pain. In our Geelong based clinic, we are seeing “Text Neck” become an ever-increasing issue. Neck pain is now a leading cause of disability with 20% of adults experiencing neck pain. 

The curve of the neck is known as cervical lordosis. The natural curve of your neck should look like a C.

Did you know that prolonged text neck and poor posture can actually change the curve of your spine? ????

We use our mobile phones all day, every day. 70% of us admit to using phones during mealtimes! And most of us check our phones within 5 minutes of waking. Mobile phones are an essential part of our daily lives whether it be for work, social media, or looking up information, it’s a part of the new normal.

Due to this, our posture when we use our phones is very important! More often than not when we use our phone, we are slumped forward, shoulders rolled in and neck in full flection (tilted down) this puts immense pressure on our cervical spine and can cause a range of symptoms. WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW – for how much weight Text Neck puts on your neck ⬇

If you find yourself experiencing frequent episodes of

Neck pain

Mid Back Pain

Shoulder Pain


Reduced Mobility of the Cervical Spine.

You could be feeling the effects of “Text Neck”.  Reach out to us, Chiropractic care can help relieve pain from “text neck” Dr Matthew treats this condition in a range of ways including.

Chiropractic manual adjustment to the neck and mid-back

Traction & Active release therapies

Taping & Denneroll

Postural correction exercises

Here Dr Matthew takes us through 2 exercises we can do at home to help ease the effects of TEXT NECK and neck pain



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