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Posted on August 16, 2018 in News

Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

At Shannon Avenue Chiropractic lower back pain is one of the most common complaints in our clinic. Patient’s come from many surrounding areas, including Bannockburn and across the Bellarine Peninsula to see Dr Matthew for treatment of their lower back pain. It is Dr Matthew’s role as head Chiropractor is to assess and diagnoses each patient. Dr Matthew will obtain the patients case history through our chiro questionnaire and conduct a series of manual tests to help form a diagnosis. Dr Matthew ensures he delivers the most beneficial treatment to each individual patient and their condition.

At our Geelong West clinic one of the common causes of lower back pain stems from dysfunction of the Sacroiliac Joints, these are the two small dimples in your lower back.

The sacroiliac joint also known as the SI joint, is the joint found between the sacrum and the pelvic bone. The sacroiliac joint has two sides that work together, if one side becomes stiff you will experience dysfunction and restricted movement in this area. This will often cause lower back pain or leg pain and muscle stiffness. This joint can also become loose (lax) in during their menstrual cycle or pregnancy, this hormonal change can cause lower back pain in pregnancy and period pain.

There are varying reasons for SIJ dysfunction, including:

Injury – football injuries, running injuries or falls.

Muscle imbalances – hyper-mobility or dysplasia (sway back)

Inflammation – Arthritis

Hormonal Changes – Menstrual Cycle & Pregnancy

People with SIJ dysfunction may experience:

  • Pain that can be sharp, stabbing or dull.
  • Pain that can be localised to 1 side of the pelvis, low back, groin or tailbone.
  • Patients can experience pain that radiates down into the knee.
  • Pain when standing up from sitting, turning in bed or general bending and twisting.
  • Tightness and tenderness in the muscles in and around the hip/buttock region.
  • Pain when standing, walking, and extended periods of sitting.
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Treatment may comprise of:

Chiropractic Adjustments – used to restore alignment and correct dysfunction.

Manual therapy – soft tissue work/massage of the sore muscle groups in and around the area, this can be by hand, or a hand held massaging device.

Flexibility exercises – Stretching exercises may be prescribed to improve the flexibility of tight muscles.

Strengthening exercises – these exercise will help improve the stability of the spinal joints, which helps to prevent ligament strain and pain. These exercises work on the weak muscles of the patient in particular, pelvic floor, lower abdomen and glutes.

Ice & Heat -Hot and cold treatments packs may be recommended. Heat will help to soothe and loosen the tight muscles. Where ice will help reduce inflammation in the area.

Advice – By making small changes in your daily life you could help the risk of further injury. Dr Matthew can give you advice around the correct posture in regards to lifting, walking and sitting.  We are all guilty of slouching, shuffling our feet or not bending our knees when we lift heavy objects!

A combination of the above can help to treat your lower back pain and improve SI joint function and lower back pain. Its important to stay on top of your pain so that it doesn’t become acute. Regular adjustments, stretching and exercise are all important part of living a healthy life.

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