Cadel Evans Classic , Cycling and Chiropractic

Posted on January 27, 2017 in News

This weekend in Geelong we welcome an influx of professional and recreational cyclists to the region for the much anticipated Cadel Evans road race.  We have watched a number of professional teams ride past the office this morning in preparation for the main event that kicks off  this Sunday. Cycling is a great way to get outdoors and unwind but it is also a great form of physical activity. I mean how many unfit riders do you see at the professional levels?

Chiropractic care for Cycling injuries

As with any physical activity, there is always the chance that injury can occur. Chiropractic care can be adventitious to any cyclist in maintaining good spinal health and mobility/flexibility. Commonly we see cyclists of all levels having issues with the spine, pelvis and lower limb. This is often a result of poor bio-mechanics and bike setup . We treat these common ailments on a daily basis. Often we address these joint issues with manipulation or mobilisation but also draw on a broader range of techniques to ensure the patient’s complaint is resolved. Chiropractic sees each patient as individual and treat them as such. This is what makes it such an effective treatment for cyclists. The benefits it offers them can not only keep them pain free and participating in their activity; it can also make them better at it.

Most professional cycling teams in Europe employ a Chiropractor as part of its medical team to look after the needs of its athletes. Here is a small clip of Dr Matt Rabin (chiropractor) talking about his experience at the Tour de France.  Follow the link here.

Despite his drug exploits, Lance Armstrong was always under chiropractic care during the major tour’s in Europe and abroad and actually attributed his wins to chiropractic:

“He felt that without Chiropractic he would never have won”

Lance Armstrong – Six times Tour de France winner.

                                                                                                                                                                           (This could have been the drugs talking)



We would like to wish all the competitors in this weekends race all the best. If we can be of any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us.

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