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Please see below our full list of products:

Complete Sleeprrr Pillow: $95.00 (The preferred pillow of choice for Dr Gooch and the team at Shannon Ave Chiropractic)

Visit our online store to purchase directly to your door by clicking here.

Dr Graeme Massagers: $90.00 (Designed by Chiropractors for professional and home use)

Mediflex Sacro-Iliac belt: $50.00 (Designed by Chiropractors for Sacro-iliac joint and pelvic/hip pain)

Metron Wheat/Heat packs (Big and Small): $30.00 and $20.00

FlexEze Heat patches: $5.00 Per single patch

BioFreeze Gel: $22.00

Flexall pain reliving gel: $50.00

BioCeuticals supplements: We stock a large range of BioCeutical products , please see in clinic for more information.

Mind Body Salt Magnesium: We stock a number of different magnesium options, please see in clinic for more details.

Hemp Oil: $28.00

Hemp Seeds: $30.00

TheraBands: We stock a large variety of bands used for exercise and rehabilitation please see in clinic for more details.

Back and joint supports: We stock and can special order in back and joint supports depending on your needs , please speak to our trained staff in clinic for more information.

Kinesiology tape: $20.00 per roll.